Some scandals are just pre-programmed ...

As Aurora Hyatt loses her diary in Hyde Park, their ruin is already a foregone conclusion. Finally, the Finder will not only get to read the scandalous fantasies of the latest London libertine, but moreover, the outspoken descriptions of their typical boring admirers.

If Niles Thornton, Baron Quinton, intends to maintain its current lifestyle, it will probably have to comply with the conditions of his grandfather, Lord Rotheby,: First of all he should marry and fill the kids.

When he is nearly run over by a frenzied two-tensioners and finds it a diary in front, his problems seem to be solved. On the pages of this diary Quin discovers a scandal that is emerging. A young lady who writes so naughty in her diary and it still loses to should know how necessary a hasty marriage is, even if the gentleman who makes the request, is not entirely honorable.

In a drunken stupor Quin Aurora kisses to the whole world on a ball and thus makes an immediate marriage necessary. However Quins difficulties multiply when Aurora's writings back soon become the focus of tabloids and the discussions in the drawing-rooms. As then a much larger scandal is known, he must show whether he can be the loving husband, the Aurora has always imagined.