This is not your typical family tree, but the Portland Storm family isn't your typical family.

Posted below, you'll find graphics for each of the books currently available in the Portland Storm series that feature one primary couple. (That means Double Major doesn't have a graphic, since it features five different couples.) You'll notice that Babs and Katie have more than one graphic, since they're the primary couple featured in more than one book. The information listed on each of them are the same.

On the graphics, we've listed the primary couple featured in the book, as well as any kids they might have, the ages of those kids as of the season they first came into the series or the season during which they were born, and other important or familial relationships within the Storm family.

The graphics are listed in series order, and we're only including those for books that are currently available or which will be available within the coming weeks.

We'll attempt to avoid posting any graphics or changes to them which might provide spoilers until such time as the book is available. Please be aware, however, that if you have not read all the books currently available, you might be spoiled if you continue to read below.