About The Author

Catherine Gayle is a USA Today bestselling author of more than forty romance novels and novellas. She's sold over three-quarters of a million books. She’s a transplanted Texan living in North Carolina with two extremely spoiled felines. In her spare time, she watches way too much hockey and reality TV, plans fun things to do for the Nephew Monster’s next visit, and performs experiments in the kitchen which are rarely toxic.

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You can email Catherine by sending a message to info (at) catherinegayle (dot) com (remove the spaces and replace the bits in parentheses with the appropriate symbols). 

To inquire about the possibility of rights availability for any of her works, please email Catherine directly.

For authors looking for other authors to provide you with a cover quote or blurb, Catherine is sorry, but she cannot provide you with one at this time. Good luck with your writing endeavors!


A bit more about Catherine

  • She's kicked caffeine to the curb! (Kind of.)
  • She freely admits to her crazy cat lady status. She just wishes they would all stay kittens forever. Kittens are fun; cats are sometimes fun but often fickle. She's allergic to her cats, but she loves them to pieces anyway.
  • Her go-to writing snack? This used to be orange gummy bears. Yes, just the orange ones. However, she has since cut out sugar, and now she makes her own homemade sugar-free, carb-free, fat-free, all-protein gummy bears. Yum.
  • She's an introvert and quite possibly a hermit. If you were to arrive at her house unnanounced, you might have to wait on the porch while she gets dressed. Working in PJs is awesome.
  • She never learned to ride a bike, and she's content to remain ignorant on that matter.
  • She took longer than most people figuring out what she wanted to be when she grew up. As such, she attended four different colleges and universities over the years, with a wide variety of majors and minors, and has no degrees to show for all of her efforts. She does have a number of student loans, however.
  • Her favorite hockey teams are the Detroit Red Wings and the Dallas Stars. She wants them both to win when they play against each other. Yes, she's aware that this is impossible. She still wants it to happen.
  • When writing, she often has a marathon of some movie series or TV show playing in the background. Regular choices are: Downton AbbeyOutlander, Game of Thrones, the Harry Potter movies, the Mighty Ducks movies, the Lord of the Rings movies, and The Hobbit movies. A more recent addition to the list is Poldark. She wants to add Impractical Jokers to the list, but she can't focus on anything while that's playing. She makes frequent references to them in her books. The particular movie series or TV show that is played the most changes from book to book. While writing one book, she was incapable of writing unless The Full Monty was playing. Don't ask. She can't explain it.

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