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There’s only one person Portland Storm head coach Mattias Bergstrom allows to see his soft side: his sister, who was born with Down syndrome. She lives in Sweden, so he doesn’t worry he’ll accidentally reveal anything other than the hard-assed defenseman-turned-coach his players know. At least not until his sister’s doppelganger leaps for one of his young D-men before the team’s charity skills competition and melts Mattias’s frozen heart.

Paige Calhoun has her hands full with four exceedingly boy-crazy, hockey-loving daughters—three teens and a pre-teen with Down syndrome. Everyday life is a challenge. Taking all four girls to the StormSkillz event with no assistance? The magnitude of her task was daunting enough before her youngest spotted the hockey player of her dreams and barreled through the crowd to claim him.

The team’s sexy-as-sin coach intervenes, and Paige feels just as boy crazy as her daughters. Charmed by the youngest, he decides to give the girls a weekend they’ll never forget. It never crossed his mind that, in doing so, he might end up giving himself an unexpected happy ever after with Paige.

When it comes to hockey, Mattias has a Home Ice advantage. But when it comes to life? He likes the look of Paige’s arena.

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Ice Breaker

When Jamie met Katie…it might have been love at first blush.

Jamie Babcock couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that he’d landed a spot on the Portland Storm at age eighteen. Shouldn’t he be on his way back to his junior team, not being dragged out to strip clubs to celebrate and trying to figure out where he was going to live? There was no time to come to terms with his new reality, either, before he was swarmed by a gaggle of giggling girls at the team’s preseason Ice Breaker.

But then he bumped into her. Literally bumped into her, no less, and all he could do was blush and stammer and hope she didn’t think he was a freaking idiot, because he sure felt like one. She blushed and stammered, too. And then she walked away before he could even ask for her name.

Love at first blush? A crazy thought, for sure, but so was the idea of playing in the NHL at only eighteen. Crazy or not, it looked like they were both about to happen.

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smoke signals

Growing up poor with a mother who would do anything—even sell her body—for him had a profound impact on Ray “Razor” Chambers. Playing pro hockey for the Tulsa Thunderbirds allows him the means to make sure she never needs to do anything like that again. It’s also given him the ability to have a good time when he wants to, which is often. Right now, for instance, he’s in Vegas because for his best buddy’s bachelor party…and Razor is always down to party.

Viktoriya Dubrovskaya has been studying ballet in California, but money is tight and there’s no help coming from home in Russia. She started making extra money as a dancer in a club, and that eventually led her to the adult film industry. Porn paid her well, but it stripped her of everything she was and all she wanted. She’s left the business behind, but it was already too late. Now she’s out of time, money, and options.

In desperation, Viktoriya makes herself available to Razor on the casino floor. There’s no chance he’ll take her up on what she’s selling, but he offers a counter-proposal—one involving a ring, a green card, and the chance to reclaim her body. It’s an opportunity she can’t pass up. For Viktoriya and Razor, learning to live together as husband and wife is as foreign as interpreting Smoke Signals, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire.

Releases October 22, 2015

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