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Can you fall in love when you’ve never loved yourself?

Universally misjudged, Blake Kozlow doesn’t let society get under his skin. After all, those misunderstandings have never affected his career. As a center for the Portland Storm, he’s lived his life as a Free Agent—particularly with women. But when he meets a gorgeous, curvy special education teacher, Blake realizes he’s finally met the one person who truly understands him.

Beatriz Castillo knows exactly what she wants—to teach her students that nothing can hold them back. A few years ago, her health was spiraling out of control, but Bea took her life back. Now, she uses her vivacious personality to prove to everyone, especially her students, that anything is possible.

Perpetually impulsive and spontaneous, Blake turns on the charm. But Bea’s unprepared to be on the receiving end of such brazen attention. As they grow closer and their attraction intensifies, their inner demons threaten everything. They’ve both always lived on the fringes of life. But moving forward will require Bea and Blake to step into the spotlight—together.

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Travis Royal speaks better with a hockey stick than with words. Over the last few years, he’s quietly made a name for himself playing defense for the Tulsa Thunderbirds. Here, he can succeed playing the game he loves without having to face off against too many cameras. His teammates don’t care that he’s ineloquent when he’s nervous, just as long as he keeps banging bodies into the boards—but no one brings out his anxiety like the team owners’ drop-dead gorgeous, fun-loving, wild-child niece, Jenna Jernigan.

While staying with family to attend college, Jenna is determined to prove she’s nothing like her judgmental, holier-than-thou relatives. In her mind, there’s no better way to do that than to get crazy with one of the sexy-as-sin hockey players her aunt abhors. Travis seems like the perfect candidate for a bit of fun-in-the-sheets corruption, but every time she ramps up the charm, he silently stalks away.

His dreams never included landing in the team owners’ doghouse; her dreams never went beyond enjoying herself despite her relatives’ rules. But Jenna knows that if she wants to be a Dream Catcher, she’ll have to break a few rules.


May 10, 2018

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Wanted: Single father of three needs medical-alert dog and live-in nanny.

Chris “Hammer” Hammond is at the end of his career as a Journeyman defenseman with the Portland Storm, but he’s got one final shot at going out on top. Everything’s going according to plan until his ex drops a bomb on him: she’s remarrying, moving to Europe, and leaving the kids behind. Even worse? His youngest is sick. Chris needs help, and he needs it yesterday.

When Scout Kennedy is honorably discharged from the army, she’s offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Her military working dog, Tango, is being retired after losing a leg in the line of duty, and Scout gets first dibs on adopting him. Without question, she jumps at the chance. They can be PTSD buddies, just like they were war-zone buddies. But now they both need a new focus for their specialized skills—something that doesn’t involve explosives.

Being a nanny was never on Scout’s radar, but the job is perfect for Tango, and these two come as a package deal. Before long, Chris and Scout are butting heads…and knocking boots. But not even fiery chemistry is enough for these two headstrong personalities to meet at center ice when it comes to Tango and the kids. Or is it?

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?

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